Cornellius' Shipwright and Pilot Guide (beta 1.4)

I started to prepare this guide in JTL-beta phase but after JTL launch i waited for my copy about a week.
During this time i followed forum pages and i continued to fill my guide with those information.
This guide includes all basic information and pictures for Shipwrights and Pilots.
I would like to publish as beta for 2 weeks and then if it needs i add or change information and will publish as version 1.0

During this time i need your feedback and
please post to forum pages Pilot
/ Shipwright, send me in-game mail or email to

Special thanks to Elsia Starcatcher, Eclipse and Daed Alus, Flurry
Cornellius, Wanderhome.

beta 1.4 Weapon, Ships (Special) links are active. Loading screen is added. / 12.11.2004
beta 1.3 Countermeasure Pack, Missile Pack, Ship Tools links are active. Schematic pictures are added. / 11.11.2004
beta 1.2 Capacitor, Booster, Droid Interface links are active. / 10.11.2004
beta 1.1 Home, Ships (Freelance Pilot Guild and Rebel Alliance) links are active. / 09.11.2004
beta 1.0 Ship chassis, Engine, Reactor, Armor, Shield, Ships (Imperial Navy) links are active. / 08.11.2004

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